Regional Seminar - Trade fair for architects, designers, design offices and institutions.

It has been almost a decade since the first monthly seminar with the representatives of design offices, institutions and private businessmen took place under the auspices of our newspaper.

Our mission is to spread the knowledge of new materials, solutions and technologies applied in the construction industry. Representatives of building materials manufacturers and importers have the opportunity to present the designers with the materials which are worth recommending to their investors; the presentations can be multimedial or take a form of individual consultation.

We have also been cooperating with the representatives of the state administration for many years now. They are authorities involved in the technical documentation authorization process or are present during commissioning of public buildings and industrial facilities. We cooperate with the province building control inspector, province and municipal historic monuments conservation officers, national firefighting departments, departments of architecture in the town councils and district offices which issue the building permits, sanitary inspectorates, and departments of environmental protection.

The subjects of the seminars regard among others:

  • amendments to the building law
  • fire protection requirements to be met by buildings
  • procedures to be followed while filing technical documentation for the building permit
  • process designs of the facilities inspected by the sanitary inspectorate representatives
  • requirements imposed by historic monuments protection authorities for new facilities and existing ones

It helps us reach the most active group of designers who are interested in taking part in the lectures and in consulting the representatives of manufacturers and state administration.

Our panel discussions are always popular with the designers.

Target group: architects, designers, design offices, institutions representing housing cooperatives, developers, technical-construction departments in companies carrying out their own undertakings.

Range: the whole of Poland. 16 regions. The seminars are held in the capitals of the provinces. We invite the designers operating within a given region.

Number of seminars: 3 to 5 a week. Over 100 a calendar year.

Seminars divided according to the subject area:

Architecture and Construction industry

Seminars for architects and structural engineers. The subjects discussed during the seminars regard building volume and structure, external architecture of public buildings and industrial facilities, i.e.: roofs and flat roofs, canopies, dewatering installations, facades, load-bearing units, fastening systems, construction chemicals, insulation and vapour barriers, architectural lighting, driveways and landscaping elements, halls and steel structures.

Interior architecture

Seminars for architects and interior designers. The subjects discussed during the seminars regard interior architecture and equipment in public buildings and industrial facilities, i.e.: floors, walls, ceilings, paints and decorative plasters, lighting fixtures and electrical installation equipment, elements of windows and doors, partition walls and interior design, wall and floor tiles, bathroom fixtures and brassware, public restrooms accessories, bathroom and kitchen fixtures, office furniture and workplace units.

Mechanical installations and Heating technology

Seminars for HVAC and plumbing designers. The subjects discussed during the seminars regard the issues related with the scope of the licence held by mechanical installations designers, i.e.: air conditioning and ventilation, heating, water, gas, sewer systems and waste treatment.

Electrical installations and Building automation systems

Seminars for LV installation designers. The subjects discussed during the seminars regard the issues related with the licence to design power installations up to 1 kV, i.e.: lighting, cables (including generic), power installation protection, LV switchgears, emergency power supply, lightning protection, building management and control, monitoring, alarms, etc.

Electrical installations and Industrial automation

seminars for designers, design offices, technical and engineering offices, automation systems integrators, automation engineers, technical departments and operation maintenance staffs in production plants. The subjects discussed during the seminars regard the following issues: power and control cables, switchgears and control cabinets, electrical installation equipment and industrial lighting, switches, connectors and control push buttons, surge protection and electric shock protection, control, regulation and optimization of processes, control-measuring equipment, monitors, control boards and panels, industrial computers and data transmission, controllers, converters, drives and servo drives, cameras and machine vision, sensors, meters and controllers, reactive compensation, fluid power systems, industrial pneumatics, CAD software and application software.

Road construction industry and Road infrastructure

Seminars for designers of roads and bridges, contracting companies and self-government authorities responsible for road managements in particular regions. The subjects discussed during the seminars regard roads, bridges, parking lots, road infrastructure elements and traffic engineering

Place: fixed places. Conference rooms over 250 m2 in 4 and 5 star hotels.

Duration: one-day seminar starts at 09:00 and finishes by 16:00 at the latest.

Presentation options:

  • Information stand open throughout the seminar. It is a place for consulting the exhibitor and distribution of materials. The stand consists of standard hotel furniture - a 50 x 120 cm table and two chairs. The table can feature an advertising stand or a wall. Non-standard exhibitions to be discussed with the organizer.
  • Lectures. A lecture can take 15, 20 or 30 minutes. Lectures are combined into subject sections and do not last longer than 90 minutes. Each block of lectures is followed by a break. The maximum number of blocks in one of the seminar is 3 for 90 minutes each.

Room equipment: screen, multimedia overhead display, sound system, clip chart, overhead projector, laptop with necessary software. The presentation can be fully multimedial. The sound system in the rooms encompasses wireless microphones. We provide staff and technical service.

References: Over 500 satisfied customers - building materials manufacturers. More than 1000 subjects each year and tens of thousands of designers attending the seminars.

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